Red Band Trailer For Kevin Smith’s Red State

A red band trailer for Red State was released today. The controversial new film from Kevin Smith has been gathering a lot of buzz lately, mostly due to Smith’s unique and unconventional marketing campaign/release plans.

Since premiering the film at Sundance, the comedian/filmmaker has insisted on promoting the film himself and refusing critics screenings after falling out with journalists because they hated his previous movies: Cop Out and Zack & Miri Make a Porno.

However, he appears to have taken some of that criticism on board. While it carries Smith’s trademark smart mouth Tarantino-esque banter, the film’s tone appears to be much harsher, much more hardcore and a lot better than many of his previous films. It is his first foray into a genre outside of comedy and it looks to be a pretty full on horror exercise.

The film tells the story of a group of teens who receive a sex invitation that takes a turn for the worst as they are kidnapped by fundamentalist Christians, led by the fearsome Michael Parks, who seemingly want to cleanse their town of sins. It looks insane and the sharp change in tone for Kevin Smith could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Melissa LeoKevin Pollak, Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano, Stephen Root and John Goodman star in Red State, which will hit VOD on Labor Day weekend with special event theatrical screenings in October.

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