Reddit Thinks John Cleese Has A Role In Justice League


The speculation train is running at full speed tonight, with the internet abuzz over the possibility of John Cleese having a role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Nothing’s been confirmed as of yet, but fans have done some snooping around and it seems like they’ve made an interesting discovery.

If you recall, we learnt of both Joe Manganiello’s involvement in The Batman and Rick Famuyiwa signing on for The Flash due to looking at who key players in the DC Extended Universe had recently followed on Twitter. It seems like a stretch, but it’s proven to be a useful tool for finding out about casting involvements and whatnot before they’re announced by the studio.

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In Cleese’s case, Reddit users have pointed out that both photographer Clay Enos (who’s worked on BvSSuicide Squad and Wonder Woman) and the official Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice UK Twitter account have followed John Cleese recently. It could mean absolutely nothing, of course, but since there’s a precedence for this sort of thing, the internet seems to think that the Monty Python member has a role in Justice League.

Fans are thinking that the actor could potentially be playing Glorious Godfrey or Dr. Fate, but there are really a whole number of possibilities for who he might have been cast as – assuming he’s actually in the film, of course. While we normally would try to avoid more speculative stories like this, the fact that “Twitter follows” led to both the Manganiello and Famuyiwa discoveries have us thinking that there may be something to this.

Again though, Cleese being cast in Justice League is far from confirmed and until we hear something from Warner Bros., it’d be wise to take this news with a major grain of salt. That being said, should this turn out to be true, who would you like to see John Cleese play in the film? Sound off below and let us know!