Redditor posits horrifying new ‘Monsters Inc.’ theory that’ll give you nightmares

Image via Disney Pixar/Graphic by Jamie Dunkin

Reddit’s home of fan theories has seen a whole new level of horror, after a new theory suggests a grim backstory to Pixar’s beloved classic Monsters, Inc.

Reddit user /u/curlyquirkycolourful posted to /r/FanTheories that perhaps the screams of children were not the original source of energy in Monstropolis at all – but rather the blood of children.

It checks out as both immensely horrifying and actually being able to back itself up, definitely adding a terrifying new angle to what is one of the greatest animated films of all time. As far as fan theories about family movies go, it’s also fairly original compared to the cliché “everything is a dream” or “everyone is dead” nonsense that gets spurted out every other day.

It’s also of note that the author of the post said the theory occurred to him while under the influence, so make of that what you will.

Monsters, Inc. was just the fourth film made by Pixar Animation, originally released in 2001 and garnering a prequel (Monsters University) which was released 12 years later in 2013.

The franchise also spawned its first television series recently, with Monsters at Work releasing exclusively on Disney Plus in July 2021 to a rather mixed reception from critics and fans.

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