Redditors share thoughts on ‘what ruins a movie instantly’

Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Some movies are so thrilling that they grab your attention immediately, unrelenting in their pursuit to not only attract you as a viewer, but also to keep you emotionally involved. But with some films, things go awry along the way despite a winning plot and a rockstar cast.

So what are some moments in a movie that instantly make you want to flee a theater or push the pause button on a stream at home? Redditors took to their favorite platform on Monday to dish around the prompt, “What ruins a movie instantly?

This user, and several who agreed, say that fight scenes where you can’t tell what’s going on are an immediate no for them.

One Redditor double-dipped with two distinct and relatable complaints.

Fans understand the need for mood lighting and setting the ambiance, but scenes or entire films where everything is so dark that you can’t tell what’s going on? Those are brutal to watch. It’s not easy to focus your eyes enough to see what’s happening, and it can actually sign you up for leaving the theater with quite a headache.

In addition, mumbled lines can be hard to hear, and, again, take away from the fun of the movie-going experience.

Another thing that many movie buffs say can ruin a film surfaced in the comments. Romance is wonderful, and it definitely has an audience, but forced romance storylines can be draining.

Figuring out someone’s password in three seconds flat? Not on our watch! It’s no fun whenever the information is too easy to access.

We feel this one on a deeply emotional level — we know that some films need drama and an “impossible” situation to figure out, but it can be exhausting to be taken on a journey that a straightforward thing could have fixed.

No one wants to feel like an idiot, so being treated like one throughout the movie is never a situation fans enjoy.

This is a big one. Several fans note that when heroes have a sudden change in their capabilities as far as strength and abilities go, it can disconnect them from the storyline.

Superheroes are amazing; they’re strong, and they’ve got determination and capabilities that we’ll never have. That’s part of the appeal of being a fan and going to a theater to see the films — you’re watching something larger than life.

To go into a film, knowing what your favorite hero can do and things changing without rhyme or reason … let’s just say it removes the appeal.

What are some things that happen in a movie and make it unwatchable for you? Do you agree with anything the movie buffs above shared? Let’s talk about it.