Reeve Carney Channels His Musical Side To Play Jeff Buckley

Actor/singer-songwriter Reeve Carney has been cast to portray singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Buckley in the upcoming Untitled Jeff Buckley film. Welcome to the Rileys director Jake Scott will helm the biographical film, which was written by Ryan Jaffe. The filmmakers hold the exclusive rights to Buckley’s music and personal archives.

Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert, supports the movie, for which she will executive produce. Michelle Sy and Orian Williams have also signed onto produce the film, and they are currently casting the supporting roles.

The Untitled Jeff Buckley film will chronicle the singer’s life. He was one of the most crically acclaimed musical artists of his time, despite only releasing one album, the critically acclaimed Grace which was released in 1994.

Buckley died at the age of 30 in 1997 in a drowning accident in Memphis’ Wolf River. Jaffe has done in-depth research in the singer’s life, including looking into his journals and letters. Production on the film will begin in September in New York and Memphis.

Guibert also supports the casting of Carney, who’s currently playing Peter Parker in the high-profile Broadway production of Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. She added that she’s seen Carney perform several times, and he’s been preparing for this role all his life. She added that it also doesn’t hurt that he looks like her son. Scott also had nothing but nice things to say about Carney, stating that the actor is a musical prodigy.

Tell, us, does the actor have the charm and intelligence to play Buckley? More importantly, can he capture the singer’s fantastic musical ability?