Regal Theaters Announces That They’ll Reopen In July

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Image via Universal Pictures

2020 hasn’t been a good year for anyone, and although it seems like each month adds some new devastating event, one pervasive constant has remained – the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. It’s now infected nearly 8 million people worldwide and claimed the lives of 435,000. As it continues its global spread, millions of folks around the world have been stuck inside during the lengthy shutdown that’s also seen businesses being forced to close their doors and lose out on tons of money.

Despite the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down though, the economy is now beginning to reopen in some countries. The US – which remains the epicenter of the virus with 2.2 million cases and 120,000 deaths – is one such country that’s seeing a number of major business begin opening their doors to the public once again. And among those many businesses is Regal Theaters, who took to Twitter today to announce the date they intend to reopen.

The popular theater chain will resume business on July 10th but will be doing so with substantial safety guidelines in place to help ensure visitors remain virus-free. Some of the ways they’re keeping things clean and safe is by monitoring employees via regular health screenings and temperature checks. In addition, they’ll be reducing register access, making use of contactless payment methods, requiring masks for both employees and visitors, and maxing out at 50% theater capacity so that no one sits too close to one another. In fact, they’ll be enforcing the latter by only selling tickets that are at least two seats apart.

Meanwhile, AMC Theatres has recently reopened a few overseas locations but hasn’t announced a firm date on when their US spots will resume business, though the company has confirmed that they intend to reopen all of their theaters in July.