Rejoice! Joss Whedon Announces Yet Another New Film

Joss Whedon just refuses to slow down. The Avengers director recently finished secretly filming an adaption of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and now he’s moving on to another Bellwether Pictures film, In Your Eyes.

According to Deadline, In Your Eyes is a “metaphysical love story” about a deeply intertwined couple, who are seemingly polar opposites.

“When I wrote In Your Eyes, I didn’t have the wherewithal (or the moxie) to make it without an established production house. I believe, as I did then, that it’s a pretty timeless romance, and now, with the creation of Bellwether Pictures (and Brin Hill’s elegant, passionate take on the piece) I have the opportunity to prove it. (I also have a 37% increase in moxie.) I love this team and I can’t wait to see them bring In Your Eyes to life,” Whedon said in a statement.

Whedon and wife Kai Cole launched Bellwether Pictures last week, shortly after revealing Much Ado About Nothing.

I’m thrilled that Whedon now has his own studio, and I’m hoping to see more work from him in the near future. Hopefully after The Avengers hits we’ll be seeing Whedon attaching his name to more high profile projects.

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