Relive Some Of Avengers: Infinity War’s Best Moments With 10 New HD Stills


You’ve seen the movie, but now get ready to relive all – or at least, a few – of Avengers: Infinity War‘s best moments with this new batch of HD stills from the Marvel epic.

Yes, even though it’s already out in theaters, the studio is still keeping the marketing machine in high gear. Not that they need to, mind you, after Joe and Anthony Russo’s event film posted a record opening weekend, followed by an equally impressive Monday.

Knowing that you’re still eager for more, though, the House of Ideas now brings us 10 hi-res photos which depict a number of the film’s most memorable scenes. There’s Black Widow kicking ass in Wakanda, Drax and Star-Lord sharing a moment, Scarlet Witch looking ready to deal out some damage, a few shots of Gamora and more. There’s nothing particularly spoiler-y here, either, so feel free to dive right in!

Ready to see it again? We sure are, as with so many easter eggs, references to other Marvel films and more characters than you can shake an Infinity Gauntlet at, there was a lot to keep track of and keep up with in Avengers: Infinity War. Thankfully, we don’t have too much longer left before we get to see the next entry into the MCU, either, as Ant-Man and the Wasp will be with us on July 6th.

It looks to be a nice tonic to Infinity War as well, offering up a fun, light-hearted adventure, which is exactly what we need after the intense and at times devastating events of the most recent Avengers movie. Still, we’re happy to see that Marvel’s continuing on with their marketing blitz for it and with the world seemingly gripped with superhero mania at the moment, you can bet that Avengers: Infinity War will only continue to soar at the box office, smashing every imaginable record in the process.