Relive the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ trailer with a juicy batch of new images

thor love and thunder
via Marvel Studios

At long last, the first full-length trailer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor: Love and Thunder has been unleashed ahead of the 29th feature-length installment in the long-running superhero saga’s theatrical rollout this summer. As expected, the footage promised plenty of love, no shortage of thunder, and barrels of excitement in between.

Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher has finally been spotted in the flesh, and he looks to be offering a terrifying and sinister counterpoint to the irreverent, fun-loving likes of Chris Hemsworth’s title hero, director Taika Waititi’s cult hero Korg, and of course James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

It would be fair to say that the internet lost its collective mind as soon as the trailer landed online, and you can now peruse a smattering of brand new images from Thor: Love and Thunder below, to relive the mind-blowing spot over and over again.

Throw in Russell Crowe’s hammy Zeus, Chris Hemsworth’s muscular glutes, an absolutely jacked Natalie Portman, promises of sweeping cosmic action, the zany humor that defined Ragnarok, trips to distant planets, and so much more, and the hopes are exceedingly high that Thor: Love and Thunder can’t just reach the high bar set by its immediate predecessor, but leap over it with the greatest of ease to deliver one of the MCU’s best efforts yet.

The only downside is that we need to wait until July 8 to see the finished product, but there’s plenty more marketing materials to come now that the promo train has pulled out of the station.

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