Remastered Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Getting IMAX Re-Release


This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring exploding into theaters and going on to launch one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful franchises in history. To celebrate, Peter Jackson has already been heavily involved in remastering both the first three movies and The Hobbit trilogy in 4K, which the filmmaker claims will create a more seamless viewing experience after the prequels came in for criticism due to the high frame rate giving them an artificial sheen.

As well as releasing the entire Middle-earth series in the highest possible definition in what’s obviously a must-buy for longtime fans, the trilogy that raked in almost $3 billion at the box office and won seventeen Academy Awards from thirty nominations is also on its way to IMAX theaters starting from tomorrow. It sounds like a phenomenally immersive time at the movies, and you can check out the announcement below.


The level of detail put into the world of Middle-earth is frequently astounding, and the chance to see it on the biggest possible screen is one that a lot of folks are going to find difficult to turn down. As the theatrical industry continues to struggle, re-releases of older titles have often found themselves cracking the box office Top 10 charts, and they don’t come much bigger than The Lord of the Rings.

Amazon’s hotly anticipated TV series based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s work is also set to debut before 2021 is out, with this year promising a bonanza of both new content and reworked material to further reinforce The Lord of the Rings‘ reputation as one of the most popular and beloved properties of the modern era.