Kevin Feige Fighting To Make R-Rated Blade Movie With Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes in Blade

Wesley Snipes, star of the Blade trilogy, has been very vocal about his wish to return to the Marvel universe over the past few years, which has whipped up fan hopes that he could return as the daywalker in the MCU. Luckily for Snipes, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has always maintained that he’s open to the idea of revisiting Blade some time in the future. And if our intel’s correct, that time might be nigh.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our source that Feige is “fighting” to get a Blade movie made with Snipes attached to reprise his role. As the man is the head of Marvel Studios, you might be wondering who he’s fighting against. Well, the issue is that Marvel Television also want to use Blade for a live-action series as part of Hulu’s upcoming Spirits of Vengeance group of shows, including Ghost Rider and Helstrom. Our source says they’re not certain which way the final result will swing, but they’re “definitely” sure that the vampire hunter’s going to return.

This update follows on from a story we broke back in March in which we reported that an R-rated Blade film was being developed by Feige, following Disney CEO Bob Iger’s announcement that Marvel Studios was looking to make more R-rated projects besides Deadpool. Since then, Hulu has announced their plans for the aforementioned new Marvel shows, so it’d make sense for this clash to have arisen over the past couple of months.

For clues as to how Feige would treat the hero, he’s described Blade as a “legacy character” in the past, suggesting Snipes would return as a mentor figure and train up his successor. Previous rumors have also pointed to a script having been drafted featuring Eric Brooks training his daughter, Fallon Grey. A movie about a young African-American woman would fit with Feige’s aims to further diversify the franchise, too.

We’ll update you as more on this Blade situation comes in, but it sounds like it should be good news either way. Although, it’s probably a safe bet that, as cool as a Hulu show would be, most fans would prefer that Feige got his wish to resurrect Snipes’ version of the character.