Report Reveals Sony Has Plans For A Men In Black-Jump Street Crossover Bonanza


When you cast one eye over the list of modern, filmic IP lurking with the vault of Sony Pictures, each franchise has experienced varying levels of success. After getting off to a promising start, The Amazing Spider-Man series has now stalled, while a middling threequel has poured cold water over the future of the Men in Black franchise — or has it?

According to a series of leaked emails, it seems the company has at least an inkling of an idea to create a crossover movie event between the galaxy’s secretive defenders and the lucrative Jump Street series. News comes by way of the Wall Street Journal, who reports that a string of emails between Sony’s motion picture chief Amy Pascal and Colombia Pictures indicates that a merging of universes is at the very least on the cards.

“Jump street merging with MIB, I think that’s clean and rad and powerful,” Pascal wrote.

In another e-mail, Hannah Minghella, a president of production for Sony’s Columbia Pictures label, says of the joint sequel, “We don’t have a script yet so we’ll be greenlighting the movie off the concept and the talent involved.”

Details are currently thin on the ground, though the report suggests that the Jump Street-MIB crossover is a high priority concept at the company, with executives wanting to fast-track the title for a 2016 or 2017 release. Mashups of this kinds are no doubt rare, and we haven’t seen one on this scale in quite some time. But given the meta, wholly hilarious nature of 22 Jump Street, it’s an idea that sounds oddly appealing despite seeming ludicrous — or maybe precisely because it seems ludicrous, who knows.

We’ll keep you right up to date with the development of the purported crossover as we learn more. But for now, what do you think? Is the Jump Street and Men in Black crossover Sony Pictures’ best-worst idea since they decided to reboot Spidey? Let us know below.