Report Suggests That Captain America: Civil War Could Fast-Track Spider-Man Origin Arc


By this stage in the game, avid moviegoers have been exposed to two cinematic renditions of Spider-Man‘s origin story within the space of a decade and are, generally speaking, overly familiar with the story of how Peter Parker become the famed webslinger – hell, Emma Thompson is nigh on sick of it. Today though, a new report brought to light by Heroic Hollywood suggests that Marvel is well aware of this over saturation, and has cooked up a way to ease Tom Holland’s new addition into the fray in Captain America: Civil War.

Marking the actor’s debut as Spider-Man, Holland’s appearance in the threequel has fast become one of the hot talking points ahead of the film’s release in May, and leaked screenshots from the D23 trailer appear to suggest that it is he and Tony Stark that strike up a relationship in New York City. But on the topic of introductions, HH served up the following spoiler-ish nugget.


According to the outlet, the Spider-Man we are introduced to in Civil War has been operating in the Big Apple for over a year, with Holland’s elusive webcrawler becoming something of an urban legend not dissimilar to Ben Affleck’s Batman. It’s by no means a confirmation, but it would make for an interesting route for Joe and Anthony Russo to take given the fact that the vast majority of moviegoers are familiar with the characters origin tale. Radioactive spider bites man, man inherits spider-esque abilities, etc.

Or should we say boy. Yes, Tom Holland has been cast to play a much younger rendition of Peter Parker, will who partner up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at some point in Civil War before spreading his wings in Jon Watts’ 2017 standalone feature.

Tom Holland will swing in for his debut as Spider-Man when Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America: Civil War launches into theaters on May 5, 2016.