Report Suggests Wonder Woman Standalone Film Jumps Between Trio Of Settings


For a film that’s about to ease into production in London next month, Warner Bros. has kept a tight noose around the majority of information pertaining to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman standalone flick. Still, the watchful eyes of the Internet have been keeping a close eye on the project, leading to all kinds of rumors surfacing over the past few months.

One report that’s reared its head on numerous occasions stipulates that Gal Gadot’s introductory arc will be divided across different time periods, allowing the audience to truly understand the ancient aura of Diana Prince. And though previous rumors pointed to Wonder Woman being split over two distinct timelines, sources close to Den of Geek now claim that it will actually be three.

Mild spoilers to follow….


As one would expect, this three-part arc would open with Themyscira, the utopian isle that the Amazonian warrior has called home since she first graced the comic book pages back in the early 1940s. From there, Jenkins’ solo piece will shift gears and bump Gadot’s heroine into 1916, during the thick of World War 1. Presumably, this would be the segment wherein Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor will enter the fray as a wounded soldier, who Wonder Woman takes care of and, ultimately, falls in love with when he crash lands on her aforementioned island paradise.

Should Den of Geek’s timeline prove accurate – and it certainly sounds feasible – Wonder Woman will culminate in the modern age, fast-tracking of our divine heroine in order to tee up her appearance in Justice League – Part 1, itself scheduled for a release in late 2017.

One tidbit that piqued the interest of the DC faithful was how, according to said anonymous source, the character’s costume will morph and change to reflect the specific time period, meaning we could be seeing not just one, but three Diana Prince armors in two years’ time.

All will hopefully be revealed when Gal Gadot dons the famous Amazonian guise for the Wonder Woman film on June 23, 2017.