Rey’s New Outfit In Star Wars: Episode IX Is Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before


I’ve always liked that there’s a clear evolution between Luke Skywalker’s costumes over the Original Trilogy. A New Hope has him in white, The Empire Strikes Back finds him in grey and Return of the Jedi allowed him to complete his monochromatic journey in black. Now, it seems that Rey’s set to undergo a similar costume-based transformation in Star Wars: Episode IX, with insiders promising that it’ll be like nothing we’ve seen in the franchise before and that it’ll surprise fans.

That’s about all we’ve got to go on at the moment, unfortunately. We don’t have a description, we don’t have a hint and we don’t have a whiff of a leaked set pic. Nothing. Of course, we’d advise taking this with a grain of salt – as with all Star Wars rumors – but if her costume really will be unlike anything we’ve seen in the series to date, I think we can narrow it down a bit.

For starters, we can probably rule out Jedi Robes, a fitted black suit, a space bikini, a formless white dress, a Japanese-inspired regal costume, chrome-plated armor and an orange flight suit. She also won’t be in a burkha because that’s basically a Jawa, and she won’t be in a gorilla suit, either, because there’s already Chewie around.

That doesn’t leave much then, does it? Given that she’s so far been mirroring Luke’s white/grey/black costume journey, I think Rey will be in black, and given that we can assume she’ll be engaged in all manner of lightsaber action, it’ll probably be a costume with a certain amount of flexibility.

Who knows, maybe she’ll be in a black lycra leotard or something? If you’ve got any better ideas of what Daisy Ridley might be wearing in Star Wars: Episode IX then please, let us know in the comments section down below.