Rhett Reese Explains The Difference Between Deadpool 3 And X-Force


It might seem a bit premature to be already talking about Deadpool 3, given that the second film hasn’t even started shooting yet, but that hasn’t stopped writer Rhett Reese from doing just that. As we all know, Cable is set to feature in Deadpool 2 before going on to have a large role alongside the Merc with a Mouth in X-Force, but just how will the team-up flick differ from what’s come before?

That’s something which Reese addressed in a recent interview with Cinema Blend, mentioning that the threequel is still going to be very much its own thing, with the majority of the focus kept on Deadpool himself. X-Force, however, will be the complete opposite, as the scribe notes it’s more of an ensemble piece.

“I also think [Deadpool 2] is working in an expansive way towards X-Force, which will really be more of an ensemble,” Reese said. “But then that will allow us to do both an X-Force movie and a Deadpool 3, which actually contracts back down.”

Going further to explain the difference between the projects, Reese said that where X-Force will be bigger in scale, Deadpool 3 will keep that small and personal scope that we saw with the first film, which is certainly encouraging to hear.

“Deadpool 3 will be different from X-Force. So I think we’ll be able to take two paths. One is where we’re launching something bigger, but then another where we’re contracting and staying personal and small. So I think it’s the best of all worlds, really.”

It’s still very early days for this part of Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe, but so far, things are looking extremely promising. Deadpool 2 sounds like it’ll be another wacky and wild adventure that should have no trouble re-capturing the dark and irreverent sense of humor from the original, while the projects set to follow it are shaping up quite nicely as well.

In this new dawn of R-rated superhero movies, Deadpool and the like are no doubt going to be taking up much of the spotlight in the years to come, and if what we’ve seen so far is any indication of what’s in store for us, then we should be in for a real treat as the studio continues to roll out more mature comic book movie offerings that act as a refreshing change of pace from what we’re getting with the MCU and DCEU.

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