Rian Johnson To Helm A Comic Book Film?

With Looper getting excellent reviews so far, director Rian Johnson is going to find himself in very high demand quite soon. In an interview with Vulture Johnson said he’s been approached about some comic book films, and he’s considering the possibility.

“There’s always conversations. It’s flattering to be in that circle of people who are thought about for those things, and I’m a big fan of those movies, so it’s fun to talk about them. Right now, I’m focusing on writing my next film, and it’s an original thing I’m working on. Not that I’d shut down the possibility in the future, but I’m in this spot right now where I can get these original movies made, and that’s not going to last forever. As long as that’s happening, I want to get as many of my own things made as possible.”

That answer, though extremely far from committing to anything, at least leaves the door open to a comic book film in the relatively near future, which should get fans quite excited.

The possibility of Johnson directing a comic book movie is quite intriguing. The director has had his success so far with film’s he’s written, so a venture into comic films, where he’d likely be directing something a team of writers put together, would definitely be a change of pace. Then again, with how phenomenal of a writer Johnson is, he’d possibly get the green light to write the script himself, which I’d be very excited about.

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