Riddick 4: Furya To Shoot In 2020, Will Return To Riddick’s Home World


Vin Diesel, after being rather fast and furious for the last few years, is going to be focusing more on the latter rather than the former in 2020. Why, might you ask, am I winding up for a lame joke? Well, because Riddick 4: Furya is happening kids, and we’re going back to his home planet of Furya – in case you couldn’t tell by the title.

Sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us a Black Widow 2 was being planned, which Scarlett Johansson all but confirmed yesterday, and who revealed that a Nova movie was in active development, which has been confirmed as well – say that the script for the fourth Riddick adventure has been completed (as Diesel himself told us a few months ago) and plans are to shoot the film in 2020.  Furthermore, it’s expected that David Twohy will return to the director’s seat, and seeing as how he’s handled literally every entry in Riddick’s cinematic oeuvre thus far, as well as having a hand in scripting all three features, it’d only make sense to have him back for this one.

While I haven’t seen the 2013 Riddick, I have played through both of the video games and I highly admire Pitch Black for what it is. In fact, the aforementioned film was the first movie I saw on a TV with motion smoothing activated and I’d never wanted to smash a flatscreen faster in my life.


The character’s other solo flick, meanwhile, Chronicles of Riddick, is kind of a dumb action romp. It did expand this weird side of the galaxy Riddick and his pals inhabit though and showcased Karl Urban in one of his most mainstream hits to date. It also gave us the line “I’ll kill you with my teacup.” If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

Richard B. Riddick also feels like Vin Diesel’s truest character. His quiet rage perfectly fits this hulking murder machine with a heart of…well, maybe not gold, but silver? In any case, I’m glad to hear that he’ll soon return in Riddick 4: Furya and if we receive any further updates on the project, we’ll be sure to let you know.