Ridley Scott Gets The Devil In The Kitchen


When chef Marco Pierre White published his autobiography in 2006, his infamously tumultuous life was guaranteed to be a dramatic read. Originally titled White Slave, the book was released in America under the new moniker, The Devil In The Kitchen, and readers were not disappointed. Now, it seems the story of the man widely regarded as the first ‘celebrity chef’ may be headed for the screen, as Ridley Scott, Giannina Facio and Colet Abedi have optioned the work for development.

Following the man from his humble and tragic beginnings in Leeds, UK, to the height of fame and fortune at the centre of London’s restaurant scene, The Devil In The Kitchen depicts the genesis of “the godfather of modern cooking.” Earning his stripes from some of the best chefs in the country, such as Albert Roux and Raymond Blanc, White himself would go on to train Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal, among others. His temper and passion for perfection cemented his reputation as a force to be reckoned with, and he rose to the top of his industry as a ‘rock star’ chef, amid London’s cultural evolution through the 1980s.

Scott’s interest in this property is at once exciting and understandable. The director excels at projects anchored by a strong central personality – and that is certainly what he has with Marco Pierre White. The next question to ask is, who will write the adapted script? His most recent collaboration – now in post-production – was with veteran writer Steven Zaillian for Exodus: Gods And Kings, and he does have a reputation of his own for working with artists several times. He has also been known to enlist lesser known talent for his projects, however, so that appointment remains to be seen.

Once a script is complete for The Devil In The Kitchen, the question on everyone’s lips will be, who will take on the role of Marco Pierre White? For the time being, my money is on Christian Bale, with Michael Fassbender as an outside chance. Until we hear some more official announcements, however, we will just have to wait patiently and see what Ridley Scott cooks up for us.

Source: Deadline