Ridley Scott To Direct Reagan/Gorbachev Drama Reykjavik

Ridley Scott is a prolific man. Mostly in the projects he is ruminating rather than actually making. The pointless Red Riding re-adaptation, another literary adaptation in the form of Brave New World as well as numerous projects set up at his production house Scott Free, including Monopoly the Movie. Now we can add another to that pile, the director has signed onto direct Reykjavik a drama about the Cold War summit held in Iceland in 1986 which was the beginning of the end of the war.

I have a particular interest in this period of history, I find it fascinating. Not only the period for America, but as an outsider, the story of an actor then being able to hold “The Most Powerful Job in the World” is one of the strangest things imaginable. The project sounds like it could end up being similar to Frost/Nixon but as it will be a Ridley Scott film there is no doubt it will end up being more cinematic. There is no confirmation of when this will happen or if it will be next for him, I guess we’ll have to wait until he finishes that little film called Prometheus to find out what’s next. (The Playlist)