Ridley Scott Is Going Hard R With Alien: Covenant


Though he was snubbed by the Academy earlier this morning, Ridley Scott is still riding pretty high right now, given all the success that his latest effort, The Martin, is seeing. And while he would certainly be entitled to a break at this time, to just sit back and relax, the director is doing no such thing. Instead, he’s jumping head first into his next film, which will be Alien: Covenant.

Acting as the sequel to Prometheus, the project is currently in development and from what we know so far, the plot will have “the crew of the colony ship Covenant headed for a remote planet, until they find a ‘paradise’ planet occupied solely by David (Michael Fassbender), the survivor of the Prometheus expedition.”


Further details are being kept under wraps, but according to AVP Galaxy, the director intends to go all out when it comes to the violence that will no doubt ensue throughout the course of the film.

“I’m going to do pretty hard R, pretty tough,” said Scott.

When asked what he meant by a “hard R,” Ridley explained:

“I always remember walking down the edge in Saint Louis when we were previewing [Alien]. I couldn’t sit through the film one more time. I walked down the edge into the kitchen scene when John Hurt started to bring up his breakfast. That moment, I realized how pretty scary the film was… I felt a sense of responsibility that, “Had I gone too far?” because it was extreme. I’m going to try and do that again this year, but much worse.”

Obviously, this is music to the ears of fans. No one wants a watered down Alien movie, and hearing that Ridley is doing things his way and not holding back definitely bodes well for the highly-anticipated sequel. Then again, I don’t think anyone ever expected the director to go PG-13.

Still, it’s nice to get the reassurance and given what we’ve heard about Alien: Covenant so far, we can hardly wait to see what Scott has cooked up for us.