Ridley Scott Reveals That The Prometheus Sequel Will Be Titled Alien: Paradise Lost


Prometheus was a very divisive film, with some loving the sci-fi movie and others annoyed and disappointed that it neither lived up to Alien nor served as a literal prequel to the 1979 classic many expected it to be. Well, it now appears as if director Sir Ridley Scott may have taken those criticisms on board. As you can see from the video above, the sequel has been given a new title, and the filmmaker explained the reasoning behind that as follows:

“Actually, it’s going to be called Alien: Paradise Lost, so Prometheus 2 isn’t what it’s really going to be. You know the poem? I doubt you’ve ever been through it, have you? The poem’s a book, Paradise Lost! It sounds intellectual, but there’s a similarity to it, and that’s where it stops.”

Seeing as Prometheus was named after a ship in that movie (which was destroyed at the very end), it makes sense that the sequel won’t share the same title. However, calling it Alien: Paradise Lost definitely points to it sharing more in common with that classic quadrilogy than its predecessor.

For those of you wondering, the poem Scott is referring to is of course John Milton’s Paradise Lost; which deals with the Fall of Man, covering Biblical figures like Satan and Adam and Eve.

What this means for Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 remains to be see (especially as there have been rumblings that it’s being put on the back burner for Scott’s Prometheus sequel), but be sure to let us know what you think of the new title in the comments section below!