Ridley Scott Is Still In The Running To Direct Blade Runner 2


Just over a week ago, Ridley Scott dropped a bombshell: he wouldn’t be returning to his sci-fi noir world for Blade Runner 2. A massive blow to fans of the British director’s 1982 original, he managed to sweeten the bitter tang by revealing a few plot details on the sequel. Namely, that the intended production is set to commence in 2015, and Harrison Ford will apparently be back. Apart from those tidbits, it seemed he had permanently removed his name from the directing hat.

Back on the press circuit for his biblical epic, Exodus: Gods And Kings, Scott reneged on his previous statements during a Yahoo! interview. “I don’t know about [not directing ‘Blade Runner 2’] yet,” he told the outlet, who then pressed him for the type of director he’d been keen to enlist should he take a step back, “It’s a tricky one because it’s so personal.”

With his production label, Scott Free, still heavily involved in the production of the sequel, he’ll still be on hand to offer advice and throw in his two cents. But, as the film’s expected to begin shooting next year, he did say that they were “very close” to making a decision:

“The script is very, very good. Very good. I wouldn’t know [what sort of director we’d want]. It’s a hard one to track because it’s a very personal piece of my work. [‘Blade Runner’] may be one of the most personal pieces I did. I got so beaten up for it, I said I’d never try that again. But here we are. It’s sitting there ready to be made.”

While he’s never officially, 100% stated out-and-out that he won’t take up the mantel, it was assumed that he’d be focusing on his next pic, The Martian, which recently entered production. The fact he’s not made his mind up bodes very well for those who wish to see him back at the helm for his flagship franchise in Blade Runner 2.

Would you be miffed if another filmmaker is brought aboard for the next Replicant tale? Or do you want Ridley back? Sound off below!