Ridley Scott Calls Out Superhero Films, Says He Won’t Make One

2016 was supposed to be a big year for superhero movies, and while no one can deny the success of Captain America: Civil WarDeadpool and Doctor Strange, we also got some films that proved to be very divisive, if not outright disappointing and unenjoyable. Of course, the one that had people talking the most was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which promised an epic superhero showdown and failed to deliver.

By this point, almost everyone’s shared their thoughts on the much-maligned film, but as we head into the new year, we’ve got one more notable person speaking up on the matter: Sir Ridley Scott. As one of the most well-respected directors in the industry, people tend to listen when Scott shares his opinion, and in a recent interview to promote Alien: Covenant, he seemingly weighed in on Zack Snyder’s debacle of a film.

Though he doesn’t address it directly, his mention of Batman and Superman, and the comment about having a “f**king good story” makes it pretty clear that he’s referring to Dawn of Justice. At least, that’s how we interpret his quote here. Take a look for yourself though and see what you make of it.

“Superhero movies are not my kind of thing – that’s why I’ve never really done one.  [I’ve been asked] several times, but I can’t believe in the thin, gossamer tight-rope of the non-reality of the situation of the superhero.  [I want to] keep making smart films.”

“I’ve done that kind of movie – Blade Runner really is a comic strip when you think about it, it’s a dark story told in an unreal world. You could almost put Batman or Superman in that world, that atmosphere, except I’d have a f**king good story, as opposed to no story! I want to keep doing cinema and I hope [the popularity of superhero films] doesn’t affect those of us who still keep making smart films.  I’m hoping it doesn’t affect me.”

Harsh words, but we can see where he’s coming from – especially given the type of movies he tends to make. Superheroes don’t really seem like they’d be well suited to the director and we’re not at all surprised to hear that he has no interest in them. That being said, his comments on making “smart” films suggests that superhero movies are “dumb,” which isn’t true.

While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is definitely a mess and lacks a coherent plot, we’ve seen plenty of superhero films in recent years that have both brains and spectacle in equal measure. So for Scott to bash the genre as a whole is a bit unfair, even if we do have to agree with his comments on BvS. Still, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, especially Ridley Scott, who’s more than earned his status as a truly legendary filmmaker.

Tell us, what do you make of the director’s comments here? Would you like to see him helm a superhero movie, and do you feel the same way about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Sound off in the usual spot and let us know!