Ridley Scott Talks More About Neil Blomkamp’s Plans For Alien 5


With the recent title change of the Prometheus sequel to Alien: Paradise Lost, fans have been wondering what that means for Neill Blomkamp’s plans for Alien 5, a movie which will apparently pick up after Aliens (thereby forgetting the divisive third and fourth instalments of the franchise).

While Ridley Scott recently confirmed that the movie is still happening, he’s now shed some more light on what we should expect from the film and how it will connect to the original Alien.

“I’m producing [Blomkamp’s movie]. It’s designed to go next after ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’. His version is more associated with Ripley. It’s coming from a completely different angle. It’s kind of more of a sequel… after, after after. I’m coming at it from the back end.”

So, they’re clearly going to be two very different movies, but it should be interesting to see how the studio handles the title of Alien 5, especially as they’ll want to avoid confusing moviegoers. As for Scott’s plan for Alien: Paradise Lost and how that and subsequent instalments of his prequel series will build to the events of Alien, he explained:

“If there’s one next, I think there will be one [or] two more before I explain why that ship landed [on the planet featured in ‘Alien’] and how Sigourney Weaver[’s character] arrived.”

An interesting approach for sure, but with an Alien prequel and sequel series on the way, it’s certainly a good time to be a fan of this franchise.