Ridley Scott Will Helm Battle Of Britain Epic For Fox

You’ve gotta hand it to Ridley Scott. The man does not stop working. Even now, as he approaches 80-years-old, the director is still going strong. He’s got Alien: Covenant ready to slither into theatres next month, with plans to pump out a few more instalments in the franchise as well. Not to mention a whole host of other exciting projects on his plate, like the Don Winslow adaptation, The Cartel, and the Getty kidnapping drama. Now, you can add one more onto Scott’s increasingly busy schedule, as he’s set to direct Fox’s Battle of Britain epic.

Based on “one of the most decisive battles in World War II history that saw the courageous British underdogs overcome Nazi titans,” the project has a script from writer Matthew Orton, who certainly has experience in the genre as he also penned Operation Finale, which will star Oscar Isaac as the man who hunted down Adolf Eichmann. Though the film is still in the earliest stages of development, it’s apparently a passion project for Scott, as the director has wanted to make it for a while now.

When he’ll get around to actually doing it is unknown, as he’s unbelievably busy at the moment, but the man truly doesn’t stop to catch his breath, so we imagine it won’t be too long before the Blade Runner director finds time to stage the Battle of Britain. Of course, there aren’t any details yet on casting or a release date, but this type of material seems very well suited to Scott and already, we’re excited to see what the legendary filmmaker can do with an important historic moment such as this one.

As always, watch this space for more.

Source: Deadline