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Right on cue, ‘Superman: Legacy’ loading up on heroes drags Zack Snyder into the conversation

The war between Snyder stans and Gunn purists continues.

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As James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy gets closer to entering full production and hopefully principal photography, more people are joining the movie’s ambitious cast. You’d think that most fans would rejoice at the DCU reboot coming together without any significant hurdles, but it seems Snyder stans are once again dragging the conversation back to their unrealized cinematic universe.

By now, Gunn must have realized that there’s no winning over die-hard Snyder loyalists, as most of them blame him for the canned Justice League sequels. What’s more, this loud minority is using practically every opportunity to take a jab at Gunn and his plans for the DCU.

For instance, when the director recently confirmed that Legacy would be incorporating numerous other superheroes besides the titular Man of Steel into its plot, the fanboys didn’t waste a moment raising pitchforks, questioning if Gunn is all that different from Zack Snyder if he, too, is rushing the introduction and development of his Superman by overloading this supposed origin story with other characters.

Not everyone is buying into the argument, of course, because Superman: Legacy is not an origin story, and it’s definitely not going to be as overloaded as Justice League, or Batman v Superman, for that matter.

Gunn has already hinted that his universe is going to be pre-established, so these early movies aren’t wasting any time introducing us to versions of characters we’ve known for decades. Iron Man and Thor, yes, you introduce to the live-action audience, but how many times are we going to sit through the same story for the Caped Crusader or the “last son of Krypton”?

Darned if you do and darned if you don’t, eh? Nothing could be a more apt description of the DCU universe right now. But at any rate — and regardless of the fandom’s predisposition toward Gunn — Superman: Legacy is currently undergoing pre-production, with a slated release date of July 11, 2025.

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