Ryan Reynolds Apologizes To Rob Liefeld For Hilarious Deadpool 2 Callout


Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld is a very easy man to make fun of. In his 90s heyday, he was notorious for drawing characters with anatomically insane figures, covering them in pouches, giving them a ludicrously big gun, a glowing eye and calling it a day. He’s also notorious for not being able to draw feet, with his characters often standing just behind little bumps in the ground or scenery so he can get away with not drawing them. That last detail, in particular, was called out during Deadpool 2 to hilarious effect.

The scene in question comes when Domino (also a Liefeld creation) is showing off her luck-based powers. The Merc, frustrated by not being able to tell what’s going on, yells: “Seriously, I don’t get it! What, do you shoot luck lasers out of your eyes? It’s just, it’s just hard to picture…it’s certainly not very cinematic. I mean luck? What coked out, glass pipe sucker, freak show comic book artist came up with that little chestnut. Probably a guy who can’t draw feet!”


Liefeld was watching the home video release of the movie (having loved it in the cinemas) recently and it sounds like his jaw hit the floor when he heard this line. He posted the scene on Instagram along with the comment, “Shout out of a lifetime! Thx buddy!” Ryan Reynolds then got wind of this and responded “Apologies,” to which a good-natured Liefeld replied, “Only downside is it confirmed my coke habit to the kids, I’d covered it for so long…”

Now, I’m not exactly a fan of Liefeld’s writing or art (and neither is Stan Lee in this brutal and hilarious video), but I’ve never heard of him being anything other than kind, courteous and polite to his fans, so that puts him in my good books for sure. And you know what, I can’t draw feet, either.

Source: Instagram