Rob Liefeld Reveals Which Heroes Deadpool Should Interact With In The MCU


The biggest question mark surrounding Deadpool after Disney’s acquisition of the character along with a slew of other superheroes is, can an R-rated property fit inside a PG-13 world? And unfortunately, we still don’t quite have our answer to that.

Star Ryan Reynolds has met with Kevin Feige and Marvel about the future of the character and he’s especially keen on getting Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld, involved in some capacity. Feige is apparently a bit resistant to that though and also apparently wants to keep the MCU a family-friendly world. Especially in the wake of Birds of Prey flopping.

But what about Liefeld’s opinion on the MCU and where Deadpool fits in? Well, during a live watch party for the first movie with, he spoke about who he would love to see interact with the Merc With a Mouth and said the following:

“Right now, we have Thor who’s still around. [Chris] Hemsworth, right? And we have [Mark] Ruffalo as the Hulk. We’ve still got Ant-Man, right? And then the Guardians of the Galaxy Characters…I mean, Star-Lord and Deadpool would be extremely funny together and because Deadpool has had an entire series in space called Deadpool Corps, this wouldn’t be foreign to him.”

Anyone who can go toe-to-toe with Wade Wilson in talking has my vote. Star-Lord is probably the top pick, though. Remember the first time you saw him interacting with Tony Stark in the Infinity War trailer? That’s what I was looking forward to the most with those last two Avengers movies. The interactions between characters who hadn’t previously met.

All of the Guardians of the Galaxy would be fantastic, though. Imagine the conversation with Rocket? Or Groot? Or Drax? Beyond that, one interaction Liefeld would love to see due to where it could lead is between Deadpool and Hulk.

“My personal preference would be to see him and Ruffalo,” Liefeld said. “It would be great if he frustrated Smart Hulk so much that he turned in to “Angry” Hulk again and just lost his sh*t because obviously, Deadpool’s going to get under everybody’s skin.”

Deadpool is an agent of chaos and will cause trouble wherever he is, so it doesn’t really matter where they put him. The MCU is already fun and quippy thanks to characters like Iron Man and now Thor, so the dynamic of someone drastically new and different isn’t going to dramatically shake things up. It’s just a matter of a few four letter words entering the equation.

But Liefeld has some ideas, and if Marvel wants Deadpool to work inside the MCU, then they should probably listen to the man who created the character.