Deadpool Creator Says Once Upon A Deadpool Is Unforgettable


When Fox announced they were filling the gap in their Christmas schedules left by the delays to Dark Phoenix and Alita: Battle Angel with a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, eyebrows were raised. After all, while the pic was an enormous R-rated hit, surely any enterprising kid who really wanted to see the movie would have found a way by now, right? And anyway, won’t stripping all the violence and adult humor from the film result in a depressingly neutered cut?

That’s what we thought at first, but then they released that awesome trailer and suddenly, Once Upon A Deadpool started to look like more than a simple cash-in. And now, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has seen the upcoming movie for himself and sounds pretty enthusiastic about it, taking to Instagram to say the following:

I can now confirm, the most formidable opponent that Deadpool has ever faced is none other than FRED SAVAGE!! Trust me when I tell you that Once Upon A Deadpool contains some of the very best, most vicious humor and unforgettable sequences of any Deadpool film to date. Sure, they could have just assembled a pg-13 airplane cut of the film but, no, Ryan cooked up one of the most daring and insane outings this series has seen. I had no idea what I would experience but when it was over I walked out with some of the very best, funniest and most outrageous moments. Hysterical!

DONT LET ANYONE SPOIL THIS MOVIE FOR YOU as they will not come close to nailing the exchanges. I won’t even imitate it for my family as it will fall short! This is a huge swing over the fences! Inspiring! Fred Savage vs. Deadpool is a treat for the whole family. I’m taking the entire family back for multiple helpings. Every time I think that this entire live action Deadpool experience couldn’t get any better, it somehow improves upon the last one. Can’t wait to talk about this one more!! Two swords, way up!!

Rob Liefeld is a notoriously good hype man, but after reading this, I’m definitely much more excited. Could it really be better than the theatrical cut of Deadpool 2, though? I mean, how much could they add to the movie to make it completely different?

Regardless, this talk of it being more daring and insane than both previous Deadpool films has me seriously intrigued. In a way, as expectations for this are so much lower than a ‘proper’ sequel, it could mean that they’ll be willing to try more surreal (albeit family-friendly) stuff that would typically turn off a blockbuster audience.

It should also be remembered that despite the character’s popularity, his cinematic future once the Disney/Fox merger is complete is very much up in the air. Right now, it’s looking as if X-Force will indeed come out, no matter what the status of the deal is. But beyond that? There’s been talk of Deadpool being slotted into the existing MCU (which would be pretty hilarious), but I can foresee Disney execs getting cold feet about MCU movies featuring the limb-severing, dick-joke making, fourth wall battering superhero we all know and love.

So, with that in mind, the more of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool we get the better. Roll on December 12th, which is when Once Upon a Deadpool jingles into theaters.