Rob Zombie And Bill Moseley Hang Out In New 3 From Hell BTS Pic


Is there another director who keeps his rabid audience up-to-date quite like Rob Zombie?

The Devil’s Rejects filmmaker is currently hard at work on 3 From Hell, the long-awaited horror threequel that tees up what’s next for the Firefly Family – a collection of wanted serial killers each more terrifying than the last.

Many of Rob Zombie’s original stars are returning for the film, too, and now, the director has turned in yet another status report. This time, it’s a set photo from behind the scenes of 3 From Hell, which shows him hanging out with two of his buddies – Bill Moseley and Richard Brake.


Of course, anyone who witnessed the bloody, Bonnie and Clyde-esque ending to The Devil’s Rejects might be curious as to how Moseley is back in the role of Otis. After all, he seemingly died along with Baby and Captain Spaulding during a police shootout in the aforementioned movie.

Their resurrection is just one of 3 From Hell‘s many mysteries, but coming from the director of The Lords of Salem, supernatural intervention certainly can’t be ruled out. And if that’s indeed how Zombie ends up bringing them back, then there’s a good chance that the ‘hell’ of the film’s title is to be taken quite literally.

You never know with Rob though, whose dark, twisted and divisive cinema can often feel like an acid trip gone very bad. 3 From Hell – which also stars Danny Trejo, Daniel Roebuck, Austin Stoker, and Dee Wallace – looks set to fit this description, too, with Moseley assuring us via Facebook that “when this movie comes out, your guys’s mindsies are gonna be big time blown!” Expect that to happen some time early-to-mid 2019, at which point we can also see whether the film lives up to Moseley’s other claim that it’s a “Rob Zombie masterpiece.”

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