Rob Zombie Says Three From Hell Will Release Around September


It’s now been over a year since principal photography wrapped on Three From Hell, and yet a release date for Rob Zombie’s long-awaited sequel to The Devil’s Rejects has yet to be announced. Nonetheless, with the film finally completed, it sounds like the director is at least ready to give us some idea of when his upcoming horror flick is headed our way.

The Lords of Salem helmsman was recently a guest on Sirius XM’s Trunk Nation LA Invasion: Live From The Rainbow Bar & Grill, where he was asked about the delay in Three From Hell’s release. In response, Zombie remarked:

“I had to finish the movie. I just literally finished that two days ago. That’s done. That was taking my life for the last couple of years.”

When pressed for a release date, the director stayed vague in his estimate:

“I don’t know for sure. In the early fall — September vicinity.”

It may not be a concrete date, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

In the meantime, now that Zombie has finished work on Three From Hell, the filmmaker seems to have slowed down in his social media promotion of the flick. Nonetheless, here’s hoping that we won’t have too much longer to wait before we can see some actual footage from the movie, or at least get a few plot details.

As it stands, we know that the film will see the return of Vera-Ellen “Baby” Firefly, Otis B. Driftwood and Captain Spaulding – played by Sheri Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley and Sid Haig, respectively. While it was long assumed that this murderous trio died at the end of The Devil’s Rejects, it seems that the three of them somehow survived their barrage of bullets, and have since been sent to prison. Of course, whether or not they stay locked up is another matter, but we’ll find out just how much trouble they can still cause for the law when Three From Hell comes out later this year.

Source: Blabbermouth