Rob Zombie Gives Us Another Update On Three From Hell


Now that Rob Zombie’s finished touring with Marilyn Manson, the filmmaker/musician has returned to work on Three From Hell, the long-awaited, and much-anticipated, sequel to 2003’s House of 1,000 Corpses and 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects.

In the wake of shooting his latest horror flick earlier this year, Zombie was pretty generous when it came to promotional images, ranging from various character-spotlighting posters and, of course, numerous behind-the-scenes pics. But over the past few months, after the director joined his shock rocker friend on the road, his updates died down considerably.

Now, however, Zombie’s back at it and the filmmaker took to Instagram this week to share with his fans that he’s currently editing the sequel, which should take a bit of time, as Three From Hell isn’t expected to be with us until mid-2019. Unfortunately, he didn’t say much more than that, but it’s still nice to see him back at work on the project.

Plot-wise, we still know very little about the upcoming trilogy closer, but given that Zombie’s back to sharing updates, we should find out more soon enough. Until then, though, fans can at least rest easy knowing that the Firefly clan has (somehow) returned from the dead and will be on our screens once again in no time at all.

Again, Three From Hell will make its way into theaters around mid-2019, and when it does, star Bill Moseley has assured us that our “mindsies are gonna be big time blown.” That’s a pretty big promise, but we’re fairly certain that Zombie can deliver the goods and as soon as any further updates trickle out onto his Instagram account, we’ll definitely let you know.

Source: Instagram