Rob Zombie Promises A Very Different Experience With Three From Hell


Rob Zombie has finished touring with Marilyn Manson and he’s now back to work on Three From Hell, the long-awaited follow-up to cult hits House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

The director’s been pretty generous when it comes to sharing promo material, too, giving us various character-spotlighting posters and, of course, a whole handful of behind-the-scenes pics over the past few months. But lately, his updates have died down considerably. And though there’s still no word on when we’ll get that first trailer, the hype machine is already in motion.

Speaking in a recent interview, Zombie promised us that we’re in for a different experience with Three From Hell.

“The second was so different to the first one, and I wanted the third one to be different yet again. If you’re just retreading the same movie for a profit, that’s a bummer.”

Meanwhile, star Bill Moseley expressed his excitement at making a return in this new golden age of horror, saying:

“I can’t say anything, it’s top secret,” he teased. “It looks like we are driving towards the blazing guns of the sheriff’s department and that’s the end… but we’re back! It makes sense to come back now [that] we’re entering a golden age of horror with the success of The Nun.”

Plot-wise, we’re still in the dark about what to expect, but given that Zombie’s now in post-production, we imagine that some concrete info on the pic will begin to spill out in the very near future. Until then, though, fans can at least rest easy knowing that the Firefly clan has (somehow) returned from the dead and will be on our screens once again in no time at all.

When exactly that’ll be is still unclear, but Three From Hell is expected to arrive in cinemas around mid-2019, at which point, Moseley has assured us that our “mindsies are gonna be big time blown.” And quite frankly, we’re inclined to believe him.

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