Rob Zombie Shares Mockingbird Lane Update From His Munsters Movie

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie has provided his fans with yet another update on how his Munsters movie is shaping up. Earlier this year, it was confirmed that the 3 From Hell director was helming a reboot of the classic 60s sitcom family for Universal. For the past couple of months, Zombie has been based in Budapest, where filming will take place. At this point, though, it doesn’t seem like the shoot has officially begun, as things are still in the set-construction stage.

Case in point, Zombie has shared some new shots of the half-built Munsters house, AKA 1313 Mockingbird Lane, on his Instagram. The director previously revealed that the production team is recreating the clan’s home turf from scratch, with the intention being to have it match the spooky mansion from the original in every way.

“MUNSTERS UPDATE: The crew is hard at work bringing 1313 back to life. As you can see the iconic house is beginning to emerge,” Zombie wrote in his caption to the images, which you can find in the gallery below. “This talented group of carpenters and painters are trying to recreate every little detail perfectly. Stay tuned for more news.”

While the horror filmmaker initially seemed like a left-field choice to direct a Munsters movie, his Instagram posts have made clear that he’s the best man for the job, as he’s as big a fanboy of the show as you can get. When he officially announced this was his next project, Zombie remarked that he’d been trying to land himself this gig for years, so clearly, this one is a labor of love for him. And it looks like he’s working hard to make sure it does the classic series justice.

Sheri Moon Zombie is on board her husband’s film as Lily Munster, the family’s vampiric matriarch, with Jeff Daniel Phillips as her Frankenstein Monster’s husband Herman. Dan Roebuck, Jorge Garcia, Richard Brake and Casandra “Elvira” Peterson are also in the cast. We’ve yet to see the leads in costume as their iconic characters, but make-up tests and wardrobe glimpses have promised they will look the part.

The Munsters doesn’t have a release date as yet, but we know it’ll eventually have a simultaneous release in theaters and on Peacock.