Rob Zombie Teases Insanity On The Set Of 3 From Hell


It’s fair to say that Rob Zombie’s a director who likes to keep his fans in the loop. Ever since he fired up production on his sequel to The Devil’s Rejects, which is going by the title 3 From Hell, Zombie’s been posting frequent photos on his Instagram account, giving us quick looks at what’s going on behind the scenes of the hugely anticipated film.

Granted, nothing terribly revealing has surfaced just yet, but with 3 From Hell being right at the top of many people’s wish lists for horror films they can’t wait to see, the director’s regular posts are most definitely appreciated. And thankfully, he’s keeping up the pace, sharing yet another pic today of Baby and Otis’ trailers. Or should we say, Sherri Moon Zombie and Bill Moseley’s trailers?

You can check it out for yourself in the gallery down below (along with a few from last week), but as with past set snaps, there’s not much of note here. The caption does tease the insanity to come, though, as it reads as follows: Day 5 shooting 3 From Hell. What lurks behind these trailer doors? Insanity!

Anyone who’s seen even just one or two of Rob Zombie’s films will know that the man can certainly deliver when it comes to insanity. Few directors get as crazy or twisted as him and though his work isn’t for everyone, those who can stomach it hail him as a genius. A mad one, but a genius nonetheless.

After House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects – two cult favorites of the horror genre – Rob Zombie is now ready to close out his trilogy with 3 From Hell. It’ll spell the return of Captain Spaulding, Otis Driftwood and Vera-Ellen “Baby” Firefly, who were last seen in the midst of a tense police shootout back in 2005. But after 13 long, long years on the sidelines, Zombie’s ragtag trio are all set to stage their comeback. And we couldn’t be more excited.