Robert De Niro Walks Into Stephen Gaghan’s Candy Store


Robert De Niro may be one of the greatest actors ever, but in recent years he hasn’t exactly been giving it his all. Can you really blame him though? If you had credits like The Godfather, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver on your resume you’d probably also feel that you’ve earned the right to slack off a bit. Last year, De Niro made up for his recent string of crummy performances with a great role in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook. It was his best performance in years and now he looks to follow it up with three more promising films. The first two are American Hustle (again with Russell) and Luc Besson’s Malavita. The third film, which was just announced today, will be Candy Store.

Yes, that’s right, De Niro will be joining Stephen Gaghan’s much buzzed about Candy Store, which seems to be attracting the attention of a whole handful of A-list stars. The actor will join Jason Clarke and Omar Sy in the crime-thriller that follows “an elite, highly trained deep-cover operative who loses everything, ultimately disappearing into Brooklyn. He then learns the global organization he was dedicated to fighting is now operating in his new backyard and he teams with a former cop to save the world.” De Niro is set to play the role of the cop.

With names like Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx and more all being linked to this project at one point or another, there’s certainly reason to be excited for this one. So far you’ve got Clarke, Sy and De Niro confirmed, which is a pretty strong line up. Then there’s Gaghan, who wrote Traffic and wrote and directed Syriana, two excellent films. The talent is definitely there and with all these reputable names already on board, you can expect that some more high profile actors will start flocking to the project.

What do you think of Candy Store so far? Are you excited that Robert De Niro has signed on? Let us know in the comments below.