Robert Downey Jr. Leaves Gravity

Well, this is some sad news. Robert Downey Jr., who was originally attached to Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, has now left the project. Apparently many people saw this coming but it’s now official. The reason, most likely scheduling issues, but still, it’s a shame he had to leave. Downey Jr. and Cuaron would have made a great team. With Robert’s acting skills and Cuaron’s talent behind the camera (which he displayed to us with films like Children of Men), this could have been something special.

The film, is a big budget, heavily reliant on CGI, sci-fi film. Everything we’ve heard about the project makes it sound real interesting although selling it to a mass market may be tough. Good news is that Sandra Bullock is in negotiations to star. Hopefully Cuaron can find a suitable replacement for Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. is currently attached to a few projects. Recent reports say he’s circling How To Talk To Girls, based on the book of the same name, and of course he still has two huge roles in Oz The Great and Powerful and The Avengers. And oh ya, there’s also a little movie called Sherlock Holmes 2 that you may have heard of.

Well it’s said to see Downey Jr. leave this one but I’m confident it will still turn out great. Here’s looking forward to that 20 minute shot.