Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Eyeing Role In Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie


There’s no denying that Robert Downey Jr. is a phenomenal actor when he’s at the top of his game, but there was also the feeling that he was growing far too comfortable in his high-paying gig as the face of the most lucrative franchise the business has ever seen. Since returning from the wilderness to shoot to the top of the A-list in 2008’s Iron Man, nine of his following seventeen big screen appearances saw him playing Tony Stark.

In fact, before Dolittle came along and had people instantly claiming that he’d made a huge mistake in walking away from the MCU, his most recent non-MCU roles came in little-seen legal drama The Judge and a cameo in Jon Favreau’s low-budget Chef six years previously. While he might be returning to familiar territory in Sherlock Holmes 3, we’re hearing that Downey Jr. is actively looking to recharge his creative batteries by teaming up with one of the most acclaimed filmmakers in the industry.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us last month Ben Affleck would be returning in The Flash – the Tropic Thunder star is trying to land a meeting with Christopher Nolan to discuss the idea of a future collaboration once the Dunkirk director settles on what his next project will be.

With Tenet still awaiting release, it could be while yet before Nolan decides on his next move, although there’s been speculation that Warner Bros. want him to return for either an Inception spinoff or an Interstellar sequel. We can’t confirm if it’s one of those projects that RDJ has his eye on, but Nolan has previous form when it comes to having A-list stars headline his movies, and Robert Downey Jr.‘s career would benefit hugely from working with one of the most respected talents around as he tries to prove there’s life after the MCU.