Robert Pattinson Says He Was Jobless Before Tenet And The Batman


It’s said that being an actor is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be, and even an A-lister like Robert Pattinson, who’s recently received a lot of buzz for becoming the new Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, is liable to face lulls in his career.

Though he became a household name for his appearance in the Twilight saga and Harry Potter, Pattinson didn’t stop his pursuit of artistic excellence. In fact, the actor has managed to become a much more acclaimed performer by playing in independent films such as The Lighthouse.

But as is the way of the industry, actors can never be sure if there’ll be enough job offers to keep them busy. And Pattinson, whose casting as the Caped Crusader of Gotham City has received its fair share of controversy, recently claimed that he was essentially unemployed before Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and The Batman came along:

“I literally started this year with no job. I remember my agent saying, ‘You’re not really on anybody’s list. The movies are well reviewed, but they aren’t big hits.’ And then a week later I got another call out of the blue: ‘Do you want to be in a Chris Nolan movie?’ I was like: ‘Wait – how did that happen?'”

Despite appearing in multiple indie movies over the past couple of years, including Netflix’s The King, Pattinson is now making his way back to the blockbuster scene with Nolan’s new pic, set for release on July 17th.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the Twilight actor is still having trouble bulking up for The Batman amid some negative backlash that undermines Matt Reeves’ choice to cast him in the role of the Dark Knight. But for better or for worse, we’re going to see Pattinson dress up as the World’s Greatest Detective in 2021, so let’s hope that the cast and crew manage to stick the landing.

Source: CinemaBlend