Robert Pattinson Will Not Partake In Mission: Blacklist


Actors like Robert Pattinson are sometimes the most interesting ones to watch as they go about crafting their career in Hollywood. Completely written-off as a legitimate talent due to his work on the Twilight series, the British thesp is now making most critics bite their tongues. With an impressive turn in Cosmopolis not too long ago, and lead roles in two very exciting upcoming films (David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars and David Michod’s The Rover), the actor is starting to turn heads again.

Add to that a whole slate of in-development projects (Lost City of Z, Life, Queen of the Desert) that will solidify his status as a leading man even further, and Robert Pattinson is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most exciting young talents (I never thought I would write that sentence).

Unfortunately, being so busy means that the actor doesn’t have time to squeeze in everything he’s signed on for, and today, we’re hearing from The Wrap that he’s had to drop out of Mission: Blacklist, which was a particularly interesting project.

The psychological thriller tells the true story of military interrogator Eric Maddox, who’s on the hunt for Saddam Hussein, and depicts the events “that led him to uncover the Iraqi leader in a hole in Tikrit.”

It sounds like great material for a film, and I’m sure that director Jesper Ganslandt will be able to find a suitable replacement, but it’s still a shame that Pattinson had to drop out of what sounds like a really interesting story. Apparently the role called for a lot of preparation though, and the actor just didn’t have the time, which is perfectly understandable given his busy slate. Hopefully they’ll be able to find someone to fill his shoes soon though because Mission: Blacklist is a film that sounds like it’s right up my alley.

Once a replacement is announced, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now, though, tell us, are you upset to see Robert Pattinson depart Mission: Blacklist?

Source: The Wrap

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  1. femrocsays:

    Rob will have plenty of great projects come his way. Glad you are changing your opinion of him……..for the better!

  2. Eeyorefansays:

    Sad to see Rob leave the project because it sounded like something he really wanted to do and I think he’d have been great. Will continue to follow MBL, though; I’ve read the book and Maddox’ story is fascinating!

  3. tnborn4reasonsays:

    Hate it but Pattinson verbalized his desire to work with Jean-Stephane Sauvaire
    who was the initial director. In the beginning, the film also was to be produced in authentic settings and it looks as if much of that has changed. I expect it to be a great film but I understand conflicts in scheduling since Lost City Z and Childhood of a leader are on the horizon. That LCoZ sounds like a hellacious shoot if they are taking it to a jungle location. I support Pattinson in his wise judgment call on the withdrawal seeing that everything changed in plans since Mission Blacklist’s inception.

  4. Debbiesays:

    Concur @tnborn4reason:disqus, think he lost a lot of interest when Sauvaire dropped the project. Hopefully he’ll find something else to work with him on. 🙂

  5. orangejiesays:

    I was looking forward to this movie. But on to greater things for Rob. I think he also lost a bit of interest since Sauvaire (one of his favourite directors) dropped out of the film.

    And yes he is definitely one of Hollywood’s most exciting young talents!

  6. Guestsays:

    How is he emerging as one of hollywood’s most exciting talents? He’s choosing interesting projects but who knows what his performances are like. Honestly, reporters/critics are so ridiculous. Just say you have a man crush and leave it at that.

    1. Ashleysays:

      I think he already proved his talent.He’s one of the most prmosing actors of his generation. But something tells me you already know this and you are just pressed. Cool out and go support your fave.

      1. Louissays:

        Where has he proven his talent? I must have missed it. He has a LONG way to go before he is considered anywhere near good. I mena he is heading for 30 so it’s not like he is new to the game. Eddie Redmane is the same age and he could act him off the screen. Pattinson got lucky with Twilight where all he needed was to look pale and pout. Real acting is a different story. I know you are a fan but be realistic

      2. If Eddie is such a good actor where are is leading roles?Rob wasn’t lucky with twilight,he was able to turn small budget movie with indie director into big franchise,not many actors can do that.Rob was good in all his movies outside of Twilight,especially in Little Ashes,Remember Me and Cosmopolis.Before Twilight he had an interesting role in tv movie The Haunted Airman.

    2. chrissays:

      Have you watched Cosmopolis?

  7. Ben Psays:

    Judging by the trailer for Michod’s The Rover he still has a long way to go. Lots of actors hit their stride later in life. I wish they could cast talented experienced actors. Enough with this stunt casting.

    1. blackbeaniesays:

      With all respect but Michôd did cast Pattinson based on his audition. He told the press that many showed up, among them several famous names but Rob stood out from the start. Also Robert said the audition was very tough and long.
      I’m sure Michôd wouldn’t risk to ruin his second feature film after the acclaimed Animal Kingdom by hiring someone without talent.
      Wether people like his performance or not that’s a matter of personal taste.

      1. Ben Psays:

        With all due respect to your obvious love of twilight, Michod needs to SELL HIS MOVIE and Pattinson brings press attention and revenue from foreign markets.
        My opinion based on the trailer is that he is still a blank actor, which puts me off the movie. However, I loved Animal Kingdom so I will probably still catch it when it hits VOD.

      2. blackbeaniesays:

        Sorry for my late reply, real life keeping me busy. I don’t think Twilight has anything to do with this and if you don’t like the acting of Pattinson, it’s totally fine for me. It’s just that people often (and i thought you too) assume that he’s taken only for his stardom and the media attention still surrounding him and for romcoms that could be the case but directors like Cronenberg, Herzog and Michôd can have the actors they want, they’re not gonna ruin their movie by someone they don’t find talented.
        But Cronenberg worked with him a second time and Michôd picked him out of other famous names. I think they had their reasons and that it wasn’t stunt casting. Just my idea of course.

  8. blackbeaniesays:

    It’s been more than 2 years since Rob got cast for this project. He was looking forward to go to Iraq with Sauvaire but by the time they could go, the situation there had become too unstable. Sauvaire left and Rob stayed. After several delays I understand him not being able anymore to put the schedules together. It must have been a difficult decision though as Robert is a man of his word and he liked Eric Maddox a lot.
    You are right: it is interesting to follow his career, from a young, totally unprepared actor, slammed by the critics, to not only one of the biggest women idols but also the new muse of David Cronenberg, sought after by other acclaimed directors.
    He isn’t there yet, but I trust him to show the world the great talent he has.
    Thank you for your objectivity towards him and I’d never thought I’d write that on this site either lol.

  9. Great article Matt Joseph,but he is not lead in Maps To The Stars.The lead are probably J.Moore and Mia Wasikowska:)

  10. Seannie5says:

    Actually, his performance in Cosmopolis was very divisive. Just because he was cast in a couple of films means nothing. We have to see the goods. He is hardly in Maps to the Stars and is listed last. Maybe he will do well but his fans tend to act as if he is an incredible talent and really hype him up to much and he can’t deliver. He needs to put some energy into his performances and stop making bizaare facial expressions that make no sense.

    1. lolsays:

      Kstew stan alert.

      1. ^ kstew hater alert

      2. lolsays:

        Next kstew stan and Rob hater.

  11. Dawnsays:

    Yes I know he wanted to do the film. I hope he is not getting bad advice. He
    would have been great in the part.

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