Robert Pattinson To Star In Mission: Blacklist

Robert Pattinson is set to star in yet another adaptation. This time, instead of going to the circus or thirsting for blood, he’s going to war.

The actor will star in Misson: Blacklist, a psychological thriller based off the book Misson: Blacklist #1. The film and novel focus on the true story of the hunt for one of the world’s most notorious leaders, Saddam Hussein.

The film will focus on the events that led up to the capture of the dictator in a spiderhole in Tikrit. Band of Brothers writer and producer Erik Jendresen will be on board penning the script and first time director, Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire will step behind the camera.

Buyers will be able to purchase the project at Cannes, where Pattinson will be debuting his new film Cosmopolis.

In theory, this is a movie that could provide yet another franchise for Pattinson if done correctly. With so many elements falling into place for Misson: Blacklist, the pieces might fit together so perfectly that I have no doubt that the film will easily get picked up.

As of right now, the major unknown is direct Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire. A good director can make or break a film, so though the project seems quite promising, who knows how Sauvaire will handle it.

Source: Indie Wire