Robert Redford No Longer Against All Enemies


Robert Redford has found stunning success in front of the screen, but the veteran actor is also a force to be reckoned with behind the camera. His directorial debut, 1980’s Ordinary People, brought him Oscar wins for Best Director and Best Picture, and he’s gone on to deliver some stellar films such as A River Runs Through It and Quiz Show. Now, though, it appears that Redford is freeing up his helming schedule, dropping out of directing the 9/11 thriller Against All Enemies.

Sources say that Redford had unavoidable scheduling conflicts with the project, which he had been prepping to shoot this fall. It’s going to be a hectic season for him already, given that the actor stars in and is contracted to promote two separate films – Ken Kwapis’ Bill Bryson adaptation A Walk in the Woods and Dan Rathers-centric drama Truth. The latter isn’t dated yet, but it’s expected late this year and may compete for awards, in which case Redford would have to get back on the exhausting awards circuit.

Leaving the project couldn’t have been an easy decision for the cinema staple, given that he’s been developing it since 2007. Based on Richard A. Clarke’s memoir, the film is expected to center on the career of the author, a counterterrorism advisor who counseled three different presidents entering into the age of the War on Terror. Against All Enemies had made waves when it was published back in 2004 thanks to Clarke’s allegations that the George W. Bush administration prioritized Iraq above legitimate and worrying threats from terrorist network al Qaeda, both before and after the September 11 attacks.

A film adaptation of Against All Enemies was first in development at Sony with Crash‘s Paul Haggis directing, but that project fell apart. Over the years, actors like Vince Vaughn and Sean Penn have flirted with roles in the pic but exited for a variety of reasons. Now that Redford is out the door, the hunt for a new director will get under way.

Source: THR