Robert Rodriguez Teases From Dusk Till Dawn 25th Anniversary 4K Release

From Dusk Till Dawn

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez have been close friends for over a quarter of a century, but their collaborations haven’t been as frequent as they would have liked. Tarantino was paid the princely sum of one dollar for directing a scene in Rodriguez’s Sin City, while the Grindhouse experiment flopped as the lifelong film geeks severely overestimated how interested audiences would be in the concept.

When the two diehard genre aficionados put their heads together and worked closely on a project, though, it wasn’t surprising that the end product was something like From Dusk Till Dawn. Very much a movie of two halves, the story starts out as a standard Tarantino-esque crime thriller before completely turning on its head to become a love letter to B-tier splatter cinema as a ragtag group of survivors battle a bar full of vampires.

For the first time in his fledgling big screen career, George Clooney radiated pure movie star charisma as Seth Gecko, and while Tarantino offers a typically subpar acting performance as brother Richie, you give him a pass because his whip-smart signature dialogue courses through the entire film, and it might very well be the most underrated script he’s ever written.

From Dusk Till Dawn

The 17th of this month marks the 25th anniversary of From Dusk Till Dawn‘s theatrical release, and Rodriguez has now teased that a brand new 4K remaster might be on the way to celebrate the occasion.

“I just finished a color correction for a 4K version. It looks gorgeous. It was cool to see. I can’t wait for that to come out to celebrate the anniversary.”

From Dusk Till Dawn spawned two tedious straight to video sequels and a TV series on the filmmaker’s El Rey Network that he oversaw himself, but none of the follow-ups came close to recapturing the unbridled insanity that made the original such a blast. As such, you can bet that tons of fans will be revisiting it once it arrives in 4K.