Robin Hood: Origins Movie In The Works


robin hood

A brand new Robin Hood movie is cooking up over at Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, as Deadline reports that Appian Way has snagged Robin Hood: Origins. The script comes from Joby Harold, who recently penned upcoming Guy Ritchie reboot King Arthur: Knights Of The Roundtable. According to the outlet, this latest in a long line of Hood movies will present “a gritty version of the rogue do-gooder.”

Gritty or not, Origins faces its fair share of competitors. There are currently two other projects in development concerning the wealth redistribution agent, and with Harold’s new script on the market, that brings the tally up to three. One of those is headed up over at Disney, who acquired a spec script from Brandon Barker. Titled Nottingham & Hood, it’s been dubbed “a revisionist take on the Robin Hood legend.” The studio aims to capitalize on its Pirates Of The Caribbean-inspired tone so as to kickstart a brand new global franchise.

The second is shaping up over at Sony, who snapped up a pitch by Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott that’s said to have set the studio back a pretty penny. Granted, the industry has never shied away from competing ideas – i.e. Deep Impact/Armageddon – but this time around it appears Hollywood is shifting its stance. Deadline goes on to hint that Sony may pick up Origins and merge its central ideas with their Goodman-Lott story.

Details on exactly what Harold’s script contains have been kept under lock and key. With the majority of pre-existing Robin Hood movies and TV shows all telling roughly the same story through slightly different angles, it’s likely Robin Hood: Origins will do the same. Except it’ll be grittier.

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