Rocket & Groot One-Shot Had Begun Filming Before Cancellation According To James Gunn

The Guardians of the Galaxy have become household names from within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, there was a time where the average moviegoer wasn’t all familiar with this cast of space-based heroes.

During this time there was a unique plan to introduce the characters to MCU fans and now years after it was abandoned, director James Gunn has shared some of the details on what this could have looked like.

After the newly released Marvel Studios book The Story of Marvel Studios revealed that there were once a series of one-shots in the works starring the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn confirmed this was the plan and expanded further.

According to Gunn, there were four short films in the works that would have starred Rocket and Groot together, Gamora, Draxy, and finally one of Star-Lord. These were supposed to introduce viewers to the characters and showcase the origins of these now-iconic characters.

One of these was further into production than others and that was the Rocket and Groot short which had already begun filming before it was scrapped.

The release plan for these shorts was perfect to ease MCU fans into the world of the Guardians, as Gunn explains three of these shorts were supposed to launch alongside the three MCU films prior to Guardians launch, though as you’ll know, this didn’t wind up happening.

Perhaps in a future project, we’ll see a similar introduction for new characters from Gunn, but for now, Guardians fans are left eagerly awaiting the third installment to the series which is currently in production and set to launch in 2023.