Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene Reveals The Guardians Could’ve Easily Beaten Loki


As you’re probably aware, Avengers: Endgame came out on Blu-Ray, DVD and 4K last week, after having been made available for purchase and rental on a variety of digital storefronts at the end of July. As the highest-grossing movie of all time, it should come as no surprise that Marvel fans jumped on the chance to purchase a copy of the film for themselves so they could relive the experience as many times as they want.

Of course, aside from the allure of rewatching our favorite scenes over and over, Disney has packed in a handful of bonus goodies, including a number of deleted scenes, special featurettes, and a commentary track from Endgame‘s directors (Joe and Anthony Russo) and the screenwriters (Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely).

Speaking of deleted scenes, though, ScreenRant has noticed that one, in particular, includes a curious tidbit of info, which paints the events of the original Avengers movie in an entirely different light.

As you can see above, in a scene titled “The Suckiest Army in the Galaxy,” Rocket Raccoon (along with Tony Stark, Black Widow, Steve Rogers, and a few others) watch footage of the Battle of New York. At this point, the loudmouthed rodent asks how long the original Avengers took to fight off Loki’s Chitauri army. After finding out that they spent a few hours (and criticizing the team for not blowing up the mothership), Rocket proceeds to laugh out loud and mock them.

What’s interesting is the furry raccoon made it clear that Thanos provided Loki with “the suckiest army.” It does make you wonder if he’s simply bragging, or if the victory during the Battle of New York was impressive to begin with. Frankly, we’re not sure, though we wouldn’t hold it against Iron Man and the rest of the crew. After all, they had limited knowledge of alien forces at the time.

If you’re worried Avengers: Endgame‘s climactic fight has now been diminished as a result, it’s worth pointing out that Thanos brought along Sakaarans, Outriders and the Black Order as well, making it a much more evenly-matched fight.