Roger Avary Is Bringing Glamorama To The Screen

Bret Easton Ellis is one of the most interesting figures working in the literary world. He writes unlike anyone else and has a very distinctive, defined voice which occasionally gets him into trouble. Most of his works in some way are deeply explicit, whether it be drugs, sex or violence, whilst being bound in an extremely literary world. And it is this literariness that makes his work almost impossible to adapt.

Despite this, people insist on developing his work for the screen and according to Ellis himself, the next adaptation of his work we will see is Glamorama, which will be written and directed by Roger Avary. This was tweeted by Ellis earlier this morning seemingly confirming that the project’s long development has finally reached fruition.

Just finished reading Roger Avary‘s adaptation of Glamorama which he will direct next year. Hilarious, horrific, sad. He’s a mad genius… And if he can get away with the sex scenes: it’s as hot as fucking hell…

Glamorama is about Victor Ward, a very self obsessed, physically perfect if profoundly stupid male model who gets embroiled in a terrorist plot. If this sounds familiar to you then that’s because Ben Stiller hawked the central concept for Zoolander. Infamously, Ellis tried to sue Stiller for copyright infringement. But Glamorama is a far more cynical and darker attack on the fashion industry and the 90’s as a whole and something Avary should have no problem in tackling.

Avary and Ellis worked together previously on Rules of Attraction, which Ellis claims to be the most faithful to capturing the spirit of what he is writing about. That film also tied in the worlds of several other novels, including American Psycho and Glamorama. Victor Ward was portrayed in the film by Kip Pardue, but another Ellis tweet reveals for Glamorama they could be looking for another actor, namely Alex Pettyfer.

Had a drink with Alex Pettyfer at The Polo Lounge last week. He wants to play Victor Ward in Glamorama and admittedly I’m intrigued…

Now that is a role that pretty boy Pettyfer would be perfect for. A vapid, air headed but good looking man who enjoys getting his kit off is pretty much note perfect for him. Like Ellis, I too am admittedly intrigued in how this project develops. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.

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