Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Could Open With $350M Worldwide


We already know that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story isn’t going to do the kind of box office numbers that its predecessor, Star Wars: The Force Awakens did. That much is clear. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t make a healthy profit for Disney. With anticipation through the roof for the upcoming spinoff, Deadline is now reporting that the film could clear $350M with its worldwide debut. It’s a far cry from The Force Awakens‘ earth-shattering $528.97M, but it’s still one hell of a number.

Only 19 movies have ever surpassed $300M on opening weekend, and two of them came this year in the form of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ($422.5M) and Captain America: Civil War ($379.5M). Will Rogue One be the 20th flick to hit the impressive milestone? It’s certainly possible, as even at the low end, Deadline places the box office figure at a more than respectable $280M.

Even if the reviews are bad, which honestly, we doubt they will be, people are going to flock to see this simply because it’s a Star Wars movie. Not to mention that Disney has been absolutely relentless in their marketing campaign for the film, throwing numerous clips, TV spots, posters, photos and trailers at us to ensure that everyone and their grandmother knows that the film is coming. And though those nasty reshoot rumors threatened to derail the hype back in the summer, early reactions have been overwhelmingly positive – hell, even George Lucas approves.

With under a week to go now until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theatres, we don’t have long to wait before finding out just what kind of box office business it’ll do. One thing’s for certain, though: whether it’s $280M or $350M, this movie is going to be absolutely MASSIVE, and if you think otherwise, you’re sadly mistaken.