Ron Howard Confirms That New Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Is On The Way


If even a shred of Vulture’s expose on Solo: A Star Wars Story is true, then erstwhile directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller lost control of their galactic adventure. And fast.

Prior to Lucasfilm’s decision to part ways with the filmmaking duo, whose work spans The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street, Lord and Miller allegedly “felt the pressure” and began shooting multiple takes of the same scene in order to encourage the same improvisational comedy and off-the-cuff jokes synonymous with their previous work.

Such a method of approach was clearly at odds with Lucasfilm’s rebooted Star Wars saga, leading the Powers That Be to appoint Ron Howard in their place. And though it does sound like the seasoned vet was able to get things back on track, fans are still a little on the fence about the upcoming Anthology pic – and understandably so.

Thankfully, then, another trailer will soon arrive and hopefully ease their fears. At least, that’s according to Howard himself, who confirmed as much via Twitter. Not that we thought we wouldn’t be getting anything else from the film, mind you, but it’s still nice to hear some kind of confirmation.

After all, the marketing machine has been pretty quiet lately, especially for a Star Wars movie. What we’ve seen so far has looked promising, sure, but again, there’s still a feeling of unease surrounding the project – mostly due to the behind the scenes turmoil – and it’ll be nice to get some more footage before release to help raise the excitement levels a bit.

Of course, the real question is whether Solo: A Star Wars Story can channel the spirit of Rogue One and become a box office hit in two months’ time. Early projections put it slightly under Gareth Edwards’ pic, but with a ways to go until it hits theaters, those numbers can definitely change.

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